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Electronic Tuning and Management


We provide a wide range of electronic tuning services covering road and race applications. From standard mapped plug-and-play chips through to custom built engine mapping developed exclusively for your engine using our engine dyno or rolling road dyno.

For general road applications we are authorised Superchips dealers and installers. Superchips offer excellent results for modest cost. They are especially effective on Turbocharged petrol and diesel engines.

For more specialist applications where the engine itself has been modified and may be used on the road or track we recommend DASTEK Unichip. Using our rolling road or engine dyno we develop a custom engine map specifically for your engine and for your requirements.

Aimed primarily at racing applications we provide DTA engine management units. These are fully programmable systems which can incorporate all aspects of fuelling, ignition, turbo boost and also additional features such as traction control, water injection and alternate mappings for different circuits and weather conditions.

Talk to us about your requirements and we can advise on the best solution for you. More power, better MPG, more torque for road or track. We have over 20 years of systems installation and development of ECU mapping.

How is a head “gas flowed” ?

      Superchips has a unique range of tuning upgrades for most modern petrol engines (turbo and non-turbo) and turbo-diesels.
      Our trained engineers work on a broad range of engines and we are technical experts across all leading makes of vehicles. WeвЂЩve chosen to work across the spectrum of brands and engines as by doing so we learn more and we stay in touch with the latest developments from each manufacturer. Ultimately, our wide-ranging and unrivalled experience delivers the best solution for your car.

Every SUPERCHIP optimisation will deliver:

  • an engine that responds more eagerly to your right foot
  • smoother power delivery making town driving much easier with fewer gear changes
  • improved acceleration for safer overtakingFor non-turbo petrol cars
  • up to 10% more power
  • enhanced throttle responseFor turbocharged petrol cars
  • up to 20% more power
  • up to 25% more midrange torqueSuperchips carefully matches increases in turbo boost pressure with the remapped ignition timing and fuelling. It doesnвЂЩt affect reliability or the life of the engine.
    For turbo-diesel cars
  • up to 30% more torque and more power
  • fuel economy improvementsHere too, a Superchip will deliver a smoother, enhanced drive by ensuring the remap matches the fuelling to the increases in boost pressure.

Ric Wood Motorsport is the authorised Superchip dealer for the Manchester area.

Go to our Manchester Superchips website for more details.

Unichip is a state of the art piggy-back ECU (Engine Control Unit), designed to optimise the tuning of your petrol car in harmony with your existing ECU. Because every UNICHIP is live tuned to your vehicle, you can be sure you’re geting the very most out of your car and any modifications you’ve made to it.

Suitable for standard and modified cars. We can provide a custom built engine map for your vehicle using our rolling road or engine dyno.

This is where the UNICHIP comes in. Using the up-to-the-minute tuning facilities at Ric Wood Motorsport we can guarantee to give you 100% of your engine’s performance 100% of the time.

What’s more, using the unique modular design UNICHIP can control just about any performance modification you can think of, including Turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous injection, water injection, propane injection, launch control, full throttle gearchanges and much more. Check out the feature list and compare it to any other engine management upgrade – we’re sure you’ll be impressed.

Call us for more details.

DTA systems are professional standard full racing systems. They provide the full range of functions demanded by racers at the very highest level. Comprehensive input and output features are provided allowing sophisticated 6, 8 , 10 and 12 cylinder engines to be controlled easily and successfully.
An extremely high level of environmental protection has been implemented in its design allowing safe use in extreme conditions .

* 20,000 rpm capability
* Flexible and easily adapted to different OEM, crank, cam sensor arrangements.
* Twin spark engines.
* Twin injector engines.
* Sequential or grouped injection.
* Individual coils, wasted spark or distributor.
* Unequal coil firing capability.
* Unequal injection angle capability.
* Delayed sequential injection.
* User controlled fan activation.
* Sensors can be calibrated individually with a lot of preset options supplied.
* Flexible Tacho Output
* Soft and hard rev limits 20,000 rpm capability

Main Fuel and Ignition Functions

Two main fuel, spark and turbo maps selected by a dashboard switch.
Comprehensive start up fuelling options both time and temperature dependant.
Air, coolant and manifold pressure compensation maps.
Throttle transient increase compensation.
Throttle transient reduction compensation.
RPM and load breakpoints can be calibrated by the user.
Throttle or MAP as load.
All maps with one or two dimensional with interpolation as required.

Lambda control functions

Extensive lambda parameters table to ensure stable closed loop operation and emissions requirements can be met where needed.
Full three dimensional lambda target map.
Auto-tuning function.

Turbo Control Functions

Open or closed loop turbo pressure control via PWM valve.
Modify target turbo pressure by gear selected.
Modify target turbo pressure by vehicle speed.
Two control maps selected by switch on dashboard.
Active base PWM map for easy calibration.

Idle Control Functions

Open or closed loop idle speed control via PWM valve.
Closed loop idle target speed temperature dependant.
Active base PWM map for easy calibration.
Fuel enrichment table calibrated versus PWM percentage.

ALS Control Functions

Full ALS ignition and fuel maps.
ALS valve control together with map switching controlled
by dash board switch.

Cam Control Functions

Open or closed loop cam advance control via PWM valve.
Static offset table to zero out electrical movement effects.
Active Cam Target Advance map, load and speed dependant.
Active base PWM map for easy calibration.
VTEC Control

Water Injection

When not being used to control the camshaft, cam base PWM map can be used instead for water injection, giving complete load and speed dependence.

Flexible Input/Output

Three uncommitted input tables which use 0 5 volt inputs or any input the ECU knows already, linked to fuel and advance modifiers and a PWM output.

Launch Control

Fully flexible first gear launch capability.
Extensively tunable to individual vehicles.

Traction Control

Fully adjustable from the dashboard.
Measured from all 4 wheels

Full Throttle Gear Shift Cut

Shift cut capability with 1ms resolution, variable for each gear withВ
full switch de-bounce capability.

Voltage Compensation Tables

User configurable voltage compensation tables for injector dead time
and coil on time (dwell time).


The ECU firmware is flash upgradeable via the serial port with a special cable and software. Current firmware and software published on www.dtafast.co.uk.

CAN PC Communications.

The ECU can communicate with the PC via USB -> CAN converter. This solves the problem
of unreliable USB -> RS232 converters.

Data Logging

Up to thirty six separate items can be logged.
Three user selectable logging frequencies.
Up to 16 hours logging capability.
Graphing can be done on-line to the ECU.

Diagnostics and Test Features.

Full sensor diagnostics and fault recording.
Extensive engine run time recording at different load and speed conditions.
Ability to exercise injectors and coils without engine running for fault finding.
Extensive lambda parameters table to ensure stable closed loop operation and emissions requirements can be met where needed.
Full three dimensional lambda target map.
Auto-tuning function.

These are complex systems. Ric Wood Motorsport have 20+ years of experience with these systems. They are fitted to our own race cars and have competed and won at the highest levels in the UK and Europe. We can provide comprehensive advice on the best race system for your needs and have the practical skills to configure the system to your needs.

Call us for more details

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