Ford Capri 4.0 V6 Quad Valve

A very special car. This car is the very last Esso Touring Car Capri ever raced. Built by CC racing and developed for Group 1 racing, this car was raced to 5 victories in 1982 by Vince Woodman and was narrowly beaten to the championship in the final round of the year on a tie breaker by the TWR Rover 3500 V8.
The car has actually been owned twice by Ric Wood and has recently been restored to its original magnificent Esso colour scheme.. The car also has one of Ric Wood’s ultimate V6 Essex race engines producing 269bhp (39bhp more that its 1982 output).

Vince Woodman won 4 races in the 1982 British Touring car championship. In the photograph (Left) he leads the field in the British Grand Prix supporting race at Brands Hatch.

The car was sucessfully driven by a number of top drivers including :
Vince Woodman – CC racing
Brian Chatfield – Privateer
John Clelland – BTCC champion
Peter Winston – ex World Hot Rod Champion
Ric Wood
Mike Sarsfield – Privateer
Ric Wood again who restored the car to its original condition, specification and colour scheme.

Ric’s own Capri (seen pictured)


  • All steel 3.0 shell. Interior removed apart from dashboard.
    Originally alloy roll cage now steel for regulations
Aero Kit
  • RS lightweight rear spoiler gives 65Kg of downforce at 120 mph.
  • Front Spoiler and splitter gives 50kg of downforce at 120 mph. Also directs cool air to engine and front brakes.
  • Ric Wood’s ultimate 3000cc V6 Essex with Iron heads and single Carb.
  • Steel Crankshaft. Steel Rods. Arias race pistons. High pressure oil pump.
  • Gp1 camshaft .465 thou lift 310 degree duration
  • Cylinder head with ultimate Gp1 spec 1.75 inch inlet valves. 1.65 inch exhaust.
  • Inlet manifolds modified to take 46 IDA Webber Carb mounted longditudinally
  • Gated and winged sump pan and oil cooler
  • 4 speed Hewland GP1 Race box.
Rear Axle
  • Fully floating atlas differential with watts linkage.
  • Limited slip Differential
  • Front : McPherson struts with adjustable rollbar and specially delevloped track control arms and drag linkage
  • Rear : Modified single leaf system. Leda adjustable shocks and wats linkage (adjustable). Roll bar.
  • Front : AP racing 4 piston Calipers. Vented – matched to fit 13 inch wheels
  • Rear : AP racing 4 piston Calipers. Vented
Wheels BBS 18 inch split rims. 12 inch wide.
  • Dunlop slicks
  • Front 265 x 650 x 18
  • Rear – 285 x 675 x 18
Fuel System
  • 60 ltr ATL fuel cell (Foam filled) Mounted as low as possible.
  • Computer controled electronic mapped injection.
Engine Lubricants Valvoline racing Oil
Power 269 BHP

Supercharged Holden SV6000
Ford Capri 4.0 V6 Quad Valve