Ford Duratec 1.6 – 1.8 and 2.0 – 2.3

Ford developed this engine as the a true “world” engine. It’s been fitted to everything they make probably. As a tunable engine it offers lots of possibilities. For a start it has an alloy block and head making it very light for its size (which of course makes it ideal for kit cars).

It’s quite easy to get 200+BHP from this engine without touching the engine internals. The standard engine has some good internal feature such as pistons which are close in size and shape to slipper pistons. The valves too are big (by most standards) with naive thin stems. So the engine will take some moderate tuning quite well. Add a pair of 45 DCOE carbs, throttle bodies and a new engine management system and you’ll get a fairly potent 190BHP engine.

However, if you are looking for more than 200BHP and to make that power reliably you need to look fundamentally at a number of items. Our top spec Duratec runs up to 300BHP. To achieve this we look at a number of key components:

Cylinder head.

We put a great deal of effort in to improving the flow through the head. Improvements here benefit every other improvement in the engine. Or to put it another way, all other modifications will be restricted by the standard head flow. We found an extra 17% inlet flow and a huge 34% exhaust flow. Our aim was to get 300BHP or more. With this head we are able to achieve that.


as part of our cylinder head development we are able to specify a matching set of camshafts which match the flow profile of the head.


having a fully balanced and lightened crankshaft has a huge effect on the balance and responsiveness of the engine. We give the crankshaft the full treatment on our CNC crankshaft balancer. Check our crankshaft page .

Rods and Pistons

Over about 230BHP you will exceed the reliable limits of the existing rods and pistons. These are replaced with top spec items. We look carefully at the specification of these items to match the intended purpose so we’re not tied to one particular brand. Where necessary we make minor modifications to suit our needs. Again these items are fully balanced with the crankshaft.

ECU and fuelling.

This depends on budget and application . For instance for track-day purposes and basic twin webber carb and basic ECO setup will suffice. For top end racing applications we provide a pukka racing ECU such as a Motec 800 with custom mapping. we also provide 4 and 8 injector fuel injection.

Each of these engines is bespoke according application and budget. We don’t supply crated engines or “box shift” and build components from other vendors. When you talk to us about an engine you will receive all the attention deserving of a bespoke service. The results are exactly as we specify and ultimately measure on our dyno. We don’t make false promises on power. Come down and see the power YOUR engine makes on the dyno and know that the engine in your car is the best it could be.

Vauxhall XE 20- 285BHP
Ford Capri Group 1 Touring Car (CC20)