Supercharged Holden SV6000

Here’s a nice car we’ve been involved with. A limited Edition HSV Holden SV6000 imported from Oz. But typically this fantastic, but standard from the HSV factory, car just wasn’t enough.

The HSV LS2 6 litre V8 was treated to our own LS2 gas flowed cylinder heads. And to add that special something a Harrop H112 supercharger was fitted and now produces 635BHP. This is same engine fitted to the Vauxhall VXR in the UK.

The car has many superior additional features :

  • AP High Performance Braking system with 362 x 32mm ventilated and grooved discs, 6 piston calipers to front and 4 piston to rear.
  • HSV devloped Linear Steering Rack
  • HSV power steering oil cooler
  • HSV performance suspension with progressive rate springs and unique damper calibration.
  • Special limited edition 8 way adjustable seats with yellow stitching
  • DDI (Driver Dynamic Interface – electronic control of vehicle functions via a PDA (Hand held Computer)
  • Limited Edition 19 inch wheels

Driving a large engined supercharged car like this is quite unlike anything else. Power and torque is available in huge amounts from any engine speed. The car surges forward and is uite startling to drive. This car is hugely powerful on the road. It has the handling and braking to match its performance and is with its fantastic seats is a very comfortable car.

These cars, Holdens and Vauxhall VXRs, are often compared to the BMW M5. Both are large comfortable cars. Both have massive engines and plenty of power. The M5 is hugely sophisticated and pricey where as the Holden/Vauxhall is cheap by comparison. With this car, the comparison ends. This car would annihilate an M5 any time any where.

We can upgrade your Holden Commodore or Vauxhall VXR. Ric Wood has years of V8 experience for race and road cars. Our gas flowed cylinder heads for LS1 and LS2 engines provide the best flow you can buy…. and because our heads are CNC engineered we guarantee that you will receive the flow we promise.

We also fit the supercharger system fitted to this car. Its not for the faint hearted but it turns these great cars in to something quite unbelievable. If you are considering an upgrade to your Holden or Vauxhall Monaro, or VXR, the gas flowed cylinder head and supercharger delivers fantastic results.

Give Ric a call for further details.

Click HERE to visit the HSV SV6000 site.

Check out our Video of this great car on our new rolling road… Turn your volume up to hear that supercharger whine…

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