Vauxhall XE

As fitted to Astra 16v GTE, Calibra, Calibra Turbo and Cavalier. This engine reliably delivers 285 BHP and is suitable for fast road or racing applications. It is a popular choice with kit cars and Lotus 7 style cars (Caterhams, Westfields etc).

We build these engines to order. Each engine is built accoding to customer requirements and budget. A special feature of all our engines is our own CNC engineered cylinder head. This head improves on the excellent standard head by improving inlet flow by 22% and exhaust flow by 24%. We can offer various levels of tune up to 285BHP .

Specification is discussed with each customer according to needs but may include :

  • Our own CNC engineered cylinder head
  • Custom designed camshaft
  • DTA engine management
  • Oversize titanium valves. (Standard and Large valve versions are available)
  • Forged H section con-rods
  • Forged Pistons
  • balanced and lightened crankshaft and flywheel.
  • Carb or fuel injection
  • Direct to head alloy throttle bodies to suit application.
  • Wet sump kit
  • Tuned length exhaust systems

We only use the best components. Having had years of experience on the track we know what works and what doesn’t. Each engine is build for Performance AND durability. Each engine is custom built and tested on our in-house engine dyno. We provide all aspects of engine fitting, transmission options and rolling road testing.

GM LS1 & LS2 V8
Vauxhall XE 20- 285BHP