Engine Dyno

Using an engine Dyno is an essential tool to ensure that your engine is fault free and perfectly tuned. Ric Wood Motorsport specialises in building bespoke racing engines for a wide variety of competition and road applications. Our engine dyno is an essential development and testing tool. It allows us to precisely analyse new engine builds and modifications to existing engines via sophisticated computer controlled data acquisition sensors. It allows totally free access to the engine, can control all parameters and can simulate race conditions.

Using this facility we are able to develop and measure new race engines. We are particularly proud of our V8, V6 and 4 cylinder normally aspirated race engines. From 700+BHP V8, to 400BHP V6 Essex and 300 BHP Duratec engines. We also prove our large range of gas flowed cylinder heads on this facility. The ultimate proof that our heads can deliver what we promise.

This Engine dyno is also used for tuning customer engines of all types for all applications (Race, Rally or road) up to 1000BHP.

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Our Schenck 1000bhp Dynamometer uses sophisticated digital processors which give exceptional accuracy. Electronic parameters, throttle position, fueling and ignition and under full remote control from outside the test cell.All resuts on dyno can be stored on a database. This allows quick reference to previous dyno runs and allows us to track improvements over several visits or phases of engine development.

Each different engine requires up to several days of preparation effort. Often customer made exhaust manfolds are needed.

The test cell is acoustically sealed and operated remotely via computer. Huge water and air cooling systems and remote fuel feed supply the engine. Fire supression system and bulletproof glass protect the operator.Noise supression mufflers are used to reduce local impact.

Computer Control is via CP Engineering Cadet V12 software.

A tuning session can take anything up to several days of effort. The software we use provides detailed diagnostics and recording of all parameters for every run. Instant recall and review of every run plus all the accuracy needed when developing new engine maps. Ric Wood Motorsport has over two decades of dyno tuning expertise and has found this system to be invaluable in delivering competitive edge to customers.

The engine dyno is very much an experts tool. Used for problem solving, measurement, engine mapping, developing new cylinder heads and exhaust/inlet/ignition/fuelling systems for road and race applications. It can also be used for running in new engines, making them ready ro race. It provides instant feedback for any changes made and gives confidence to the customer that they have received exactly what they have asked for.

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