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RIC WOOD MOTORSPORT – Engineering Facilities


Our engineering philosphy is based on absolute accuracy of measurement and repeatable production. We invest heavily on developing optimsed designs. We use Computer modelling to predict output and dyno testing to verify results. Of course its all very well producing a beautiful hand crafted prototype but that is not much use if we are unable to replicate that design.

Our computer controlled 3D digiting scanner and CNC machines enable us to replicate ANY design and produce it exactly the way we want.

The result is the customer gets EXACTLY the performance we promise.


As a race engine builder, an engine dynometer is an essential tool. Our 1000BHP dyno enables us to test and measure our engines in a strictly controlled environment.

Engines are placed on customised jigs (often with customised exhaust manifolds) and methodically tested. We are able to develop custom engine maps and provide the customer with all measurements including power curves and other tuning data.

The dyno enables us to develop the engine YOU want. Tuning for top end power or better low-end torque…. you state your requirements, we build the engine and provide the results.


Nothing gives a better power improvement than a properly developed Gas Flowed Cylinder head. We specialise in development and manufacture of Gas flowed cylinder heads. We have a large rane of heads for fast road and racing applications. Our heads are devloped using a computer aided gas flow bench. Often development takes many weeks to complete and is truly a black art requiring many years of experience to develop a head which truly works.

With our computer modelling tools we are able to predict engine power results. The final optimised design is then scanned and replicated using our digitising scanner and CNC machines. The end result is a head which not only performs as we say it will but is sold at a very reasonable price.


Ric Wood Motorsport is equipped with a state of the art 4 wheel rolling road. Essential for tuning vehicles under load, measuring changes and developing new engine maps. Suitable for 2 wheel and 4 wheel drive vehicles.

Again, we focus on accurate measurement of all modifications. Our aim is to produce the power and delivery you require whether your requirement is fast road or racing.


The importance of a balanced crankshaft cannot be over emphasised in racing engines. We have invested in a precision CNC crankshaft balancing facility to deliver the ultimate in balanced crankshafts.


Another part of our engineering process. This highly accurate CNC tool enables us to perform PERFECT valve seat cutting every time.

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We provide a full range of electronic tuning. From a simple (but effective) Superchip installation (we are official Superchips dealers) through to full racing systems capable of handling multiple maps for various racing conditions and circuits as well as other features like water injection, launch control and traction control.

We provide a full mapping service using our engine dyno or rolling road for fast road or racing applications.