Rolling Road Tuning

Here at Ric Wood Motorsport we make no claims for any of our products or services which we cannot absolutely prove to be true. The Rolling Road dyno has been part of the way we work for many years. It allows us to develop custom solutions for individual cars and accurately measure changes made.

Our Dastek 4 wheel Dynamometer allows us to measure output to a high degree of accuracy whilst also capturing other essential data such as engine torque, boost pressure air:fuel ratio etc under load. When we chose Dastek, accuracy and a wide range of power capability were important to us. This 1000bhp dyno gives us a wide range of applications and the degree of accuracy we require.

Our Dynamometer uses sophisticated digital processors which give exceptional speed control. Unlike other dynamometers which use ABS-type pickups (at 100 signals per revolution), the Dastek Dyno gives us 500 digital pulses per revolution and also gives us temperature compensated load cells. This gives us consistently accurate results regardless of ambient temperature or how hard we push the dyno.

Our Dyno is suitable for 2WD and 4WD cars. To accommodate the latest generation of 4WD cards with electronic control, our dyno has a highly sophisticated front to rear speed control strategy.

All results on dyno can be stored on a database. This allows quick reference to previous dyno runs and allows us to track improvements over several visits or phases of engine development.

Accuracy is essential in engine tuning and diagnostics. For example, our rolling road features a unique fluted surface that eliminates the problem of tyre slippage which can have a major impact on accuracy. As a measure of accuracy, this dyno is capable of detecting the difference between having the internal heating fan on or off. Traction from racing engines up to 1000BHP is essential. Features like this give us the consistency we need throughout the tuning process. We need accurate and totally reliable datum point upon which tuning modifications can be made and measured.

A tuning session can take anything up to several days of effort. The software we use provides detailed diagnostics and recording of all parameters for every run. Instant recall and review of every run plus all the accuracy needed when developing new engine maps. Ric Wood Motorsport has over two decades of dyno tuning expertise and has found this system to be invaluable in delivering competitive edge to customers.

The engine dyno is very much an experts tool. Used for problem solving, measurement, engine mapping, developing new cylinder heads and exhaust/inlet/ignition/fuelling systems for road and race applications. It can also be used for running in new engines, making them ready ro race. It provides instant feedback for any changes made and gives confidence to the customer that they have received exactly what they have asked for.